The Coarse Sea Salt ⋆ No Limit Chefs

Today, we are going to present you the legendary Coarse Sea Salt.! 🌊

Its Story

For thousands of years (that’s all!), humans have been bathing in salt water to cure their ills. The power of salt, especially in the Dead Sea, has been passed down through the ages, taking with it all its energizing benefits. Like its counterpart, Pink Himalayan Salt, which has more powerful virtues, sea salt is an essential mineral for our organism. It has always acted as a bath and also as a medicine all over the world.

Its Benefits

Like its counterpart: Pink Salt from the Himalayas which has more powerful virtues, Coarse Sea Salt is a powerful ally against rheumatism and preserves the elasticity of our body tissues. Also alkaline, it regulates the acid-base balance to avoid gastric reflux and heartburn. Its astringent and antiseptic power promotes regeneration after colds and skin injuries. On top of that, salt is an incredible regenerator for muscle mass. No more excuses to stay healthy and fit!

To keep all these fantastic micro-nutrients on your plate, we keep the salt crystals intact. 🏝

👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 Our Chefs’ Tips :

Let the crunch of our No Limit Sea Salt surprise you with the crunch of our No Limit Sea Salt in your healthy chocolate or caramel pastries to replace sugar.

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