The Cinnamon ⋆ No Limit Chefs

Today, we are going to introduce you to the sweet cinnamon! 🥮

Its Story

As well used in spicy savory dishes as in pastries, cinnamon also comes to us from the East, and from Egypt. Its roundness makes it the star of winter drinks and sweet and savoury dishes. It goes perfectly with meats, vegetables but also in drinks with its partner Ginger or with its great love: Cocoa.

Its Taste

Cinnamon has digestive and anti-bacterial virtues. It is besides, the base of the Chinese Medicine which proves itself since millenniums in front of diseases. It is a little bit the soft and sweet version of Ginger. In addition, its sedative and analgesic action, located in the enzyme cinnamic aldehyde reduces fever! Like what, devouring a small Cinnamon Rolls during a cold would be a 2-in-1 objective: to keep your spirits up and take care of yourself.

Add a little cinnamon powder to your morning porridge or oatmeal to ensure a perfect and invigorating taste. 🥣

👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 Our Chefs’ Tip

Nothing like cinnamon powder when cooking white meat and fish without sauces. 👌

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