The 5 reasons that prove that you earn money by cooking yourself. ⋆ No Limit Chefs

You may not be aware of it yet, but the ease of delivery of ready meals or fast food is finally costing you money. Very expensive. These are services that you pay for every day when they should be exceptions and just weekly pleasures.

It’s easy to switch to Mac Do’ or to order on UberEats! But have you counted all these little expenses accumulated to each other? What if I showed you that taking 30 minutes to cook on the go or early can save you a lot of money? Even if the ingredients you buy are noble and expensive!

1. Because we don’t eat any more anytime.

It is a very bad habit that we, modern men and women, have of having food constantly available (and cheaper and cheaper). At every street corner, at every moment, we are subjected to a phenomenal quantity of diverse and varied food within reach of our mouths.

A semblance of hunger? = “Let’s buy at that snack bar on the road!”

Hungry? = “Let’s order a small ice cream, it’s not very expensive!”

The problem with this type of behavior is that we are no longer able to assimilate our body’s signals in relation to its real needs. Who tells you that you’re really hungry in front of that stall and that it’s not just the mouth-watering smell that has commanded your brain to eat out of sheer gluttony?

In addition, allowing oneself “snacks”, which are often sweet and/or fatty snacks, too regularly saturates the stomach with food that does not nourish it. Your stomach fills up but does not feed. That’s why you feel this constant feeling of hunger that makes you eat more and more.

2. Because we will eat less because better.

Therefore, eating raw (unprocessed) products cooked by you will allow you to eat less over time. Because you are actually feeding your body. This is achieved by using products of better nutritional quality such as :

  • Wholegrain cereals (brown rice, wholegrain pasta, old wheat, buckwheat flour, rye, …)
  • Whole fruits (the skin contains most of the fibers of fruits and nuts such as peanuts and almonds)
  • Vegetables and legumes at each meal (green/white/red/black beans, all green and orange vegetables, cabbage, various peas, …)
  • Lean and wild meats (farmed fish and mammals that have the ability to live more naturally in a large space produce more muscle and less fat which can be toxic to the human body in high doses)

Of course, to offer such inexpensive food, restaurateurs overlook truly nutritious ingredients (such as fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as whole proteins) to fill the void with fat and wind. Yes, literally: many products are inflated with air, or water, to appear more consistent and, wrongly, nourishing.

How much meat do you have in your steak or sausage? For prices under $5, a meal will be composed of only 30% nutritious food. What do you think is the remaining 70%?

Quantity is in equal opposition with quality in food. The better you eat, the less you will be influenced by your toxic food impulses. Thus, you will spend less to snack and you will be able to get a much better energy to enjoy life and be efficient in your projects!

3. Because we don’t need to leave tips anymore.

The service, thanks to this system of tips paid directly by the client and not by the employer, is excellent in the United States! In France, the salary of the waiters is included in the price of the meal. Whether they are helpful or bitter, they make just as much money … That’s why we gladly leave 15 to 30% more money for waiters and waitresses in a restaurant in the United States. But it’s expensive if we eat out every day, isn’t it? Why not alternate with homemade, unpretentious, but high quality meals?

Doing things yourself is always a good way to save money. Simply because we no longer have to pay for other people’s time.

Obviously, the time to money ratio is a balance that often tips one way and then the other. This means that at certain times we will need time, so we will pay someone else to earn it. But at other times we will need to save some money and move to the side of people who take the time to do it on their own and thus save for something else!

4. Because we are finally making the kitchen profitable.

What’s the point of paying for a piece that you don’t use? Yet the kitchen is part of your rent or purchase. If there is one in your home, you might as well use it. Just two or three times a week to start. Take this pan, add a drizzle of virgin olive oil or duck fat and dip in a few fresh vegetables until they are lightly toasted. Two pinches of Heritage or Origin seasoning and you’ve turned common vegetables into a divine dish!

Cooking requires a readjustment of your habits and your schedule. Taking the time to cook yourself, shop and select your products can seem tedious. But it is an organizational task that will bring you so much more, like :

  • Less fatigue, therefore more productivity.
  • More productivity, therefore less work.
  • Less work, therefore more time for yourself and for enjoying life.

Moreover, cooking is an activity, even a hobby, that is suitable for the whole family and can be easily shared with friends on vacation, weekends or evenings. In France, we turn small kitchens and narrow apartments into real home cooking and brunch places. And it is these moments that remain forever engraved in our memories.

5. Because it is an activity in its own right.

Cooking is a family activity that can be done with your family and friends. And above all, it’s an activity that will cost you nothing but what you’re going to eat! The fact of cooking is then to pay nothing except a few utensils that you will reuse almost all your life. A dish, a bowl, a wooden spoon, a frying pan, a saucepan … and you’re ready to go. No need for $2000 all-in-one mega-cookers: you are a chef, a NoLimitChef!

You can be completely creative with no equipment and turn a pie into a cake if you don’t have a pie plate, or even opt for mugcakes (and even invent bowlcakes) in the microwave or oven. Sweet and savoury recipes allowed 🙃

Cooking is like any other discipline or hobby: you have to try before you give up! This is all the easier when the basic ingredients are good and fresh. Add finesse with details and add a fragrant touch to the less appreciated ingredients with seasonings.

If we have developed a complete line of condiments it is because it is the key to a healthier and tastier home cooking!

In the kitchen, everything is possible!

Mix, improvise, create, test, taste … Don’t always follow the recipes defined by others, invent for yourself! Make with what you have, transform the leftovers into succulent and authentic dishes.

And above all, feed yourself.

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